Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back to the kitchen with you

I was looking around some blogs this afternoon, and in the comments on one blog that I keep coming back to for some reason (even though I can't stand the blogger, her viewpoint, or her writing) offered this in reference to last week's elections:

It was nice to see Nancy Pelosi put in her place!

Wow. "Put in her place". I'd take the charitable view here and assume that this writer meant, as a conservative, that it was nice to see the top Democrat in the House relegated to probable Minority Leader status. But I'm not going to take this view, as this person's writings over the years have made clear that she deeply fetishizes a time when a woman's place was a lot more clearly defined than it is now. I'm always surprised to see such rhetoric employed out there.

Nancy Pelosi has achieved the highest elected position ever ascended by an American woman...but now, she's been put in her place. One wonders if the blogger in question hopes John Boehner gives Nancy Pelosi a fifty and tells her to "go buy herself somethin' pretty".

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Roger Owen Green said...

Boy, and Pelosi, even more than Obama, became the lighning rod for all that was considered wrong in the past two years. There was a compeitive race across the Hudson from here between Scott murphy (filled Kirsten Gillibrand's House seat) and Chris Gibson, and most of the ads, not so much the Gibson ads, as the RNC ads and the "who ARE these people" ads , blaming Murphy for siding with Pelosi on "Obamacare". Murphy lost, more than Gibson won.