Thursday, November 18, 2010

The winner will receive a swimming pool filled with "Meh".

I've gotta say, the current seasons of both Survivor and Hell's Kitchen aren't really doing it for me. Neither show is presenting any kind of favorite, any kind of contestant whom I want to see win. I'm almost thinking, maybe both shows should forego a winner this year and give next season's winner two grand prizes.

I've missed some of Survivor this go-round, owing to its new Wednesday timeslot, but wow, what a bunch of doofuses. These are people who left their camp in last night's episode to go to a challenge, and who decided to build a barrier for their big campfire, between the fire and their lean-to shelter, out of their wooden storage chests. Which caught fire, destroying all of their food stores and their shelter. Nobody deserves to win after that.

As for Hell's Kitchen, well -- Sabrina's gone, because she was just too juvenile to make it to the end. Gail and Russell seem to both do well in challenges, and then crash and burn in the services. Nona and Jillian are just kind of there. And Trev? Here's a guy who thought that cooking frog's legs was thinking "outside the box". For a dish he was preparing for, among others, a French judge.

It's still fun to watch the shows, I guess, but without anyone to root for, it's just watching something dull unfold. I hope the next seasons are better.

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