Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something for Thursday

This song dates from the 1970s, and it has loopy lyrics to match, but the instrumental playing makes it one of the most infectious songs I've ever heard. We played a shortened version once at music camp -- mainly shortened in omitting a verse and the soprano sax solo -- and it was a blast. This is...well, it's the kind of song Dick Clark was talking about when he referred to a song's beat. The rhythm of this thing will keep you going for hours.

It's in two parts because of YouTube's time limits, but the person who did this picked a perfect spot for the break. Here's Chuck Mangione and friends with "Land of Make Believe". During the bigger passages, listen for quotes from children's songs, like "Old McDonald" and "The Farmer in the Dell".


redsneakz said...

Rochester boy makes good. I loved Chuck, and I thought that this album was far and away his best one. Now, I want to go home and listen to it!

Aaron said...

I love Chuck.