Monday, June 21, 2010

Sentential Links #209

Linkage time! Hooray!!!

:: If Republicans gain control of the House, there is no question they will attempt to impeach Obama, for SestakGate, for iPodGate, for Henry Louis GatesGate. I don’t think there’s any question that much of the liberal media will support impeachment too. I am pretty confident that the public will not support it.

:: She still had a ways to go, but she was surely one lucky dove.

:: And you know what's so badass about my new BFF? He was really, really good at killing Nazis.

:: HAPLESS DUDE is ahead of me on line. He is stammering compliments to ADORABLE CASHIER. She is looking like she would rather be anywhere, even on the MOON, rather than being hit on by this guy.

:: Rather disturbingly, Wonder Woman herself also seems to enjoy anything to do with chains – they bring out a gleeful delight in her, mostly because she believes it’s great fun to break them.

:: So, most of the wars fought by the United States, starting with the Revolutionary War, included a subtext, even the promise, of justice for, and fair treatment of African-Americans. World War I and especially the Civil War brought the issue to the fore. But it was with World War II, with large numbers of black soldiers in uniform, that the contradiction between fighting for freedom for others and a lack of freedom back at home reached a tipping point.

:: When you're replacing a memory stick in your computer, there's a satisfying little slide-and-click sound that lets you know you not only did it right, you also got the right part. Writing is like that.

All for this week. More next week!

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Roger Owen Green said...

You know what's really weird? When you start reading something and decide, "Hey, I like that!" Then you say, "Dummy, you WROTE that!"