Monday, June 12, 2006


I'll update this more later on after I've read through the information about it, but some details on Guy Gavriel Kay's next novel are available here. Looks like Ysabel will be a marked departure from the kind of thing he's written before.

(But will it have a map???)


Call me Paul said...

Or perhaps it could be seen as a return to his roots. Fionavar having begun in the mundane world as well... I'm just sayin'. As I said in reply to 'dave' on the BW forums, one cannot pigeonhole Guy as a writer, nor would one want to.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Just from looking at the stuff that's posted on BW, this reads more like it's in Charles de Lint territory than Fionavar was.

I guess it'll be a while before we find out more about the world of Jad and the Asharites. Not a bad thing, in itself. I'm still greatly looking forward to the book.

Call me Paul said...

I thought of de Lint as well when I read the introduction. It will be very interesting to see what he does with it.