Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The undependable poor

Craig may be right here when he notes that the businesses that cash checks for the poor may simply stop doing so if New York State begins to more stringently regulate the fees these businesses charge for such services, but that's neither here nor there. I'd just like to respond to something Craig writes in his post:

The Democrats (and all this type of regulation comes from them) still cling to the notion that the poor and irresponsible actually vote.

No, the Democrats still cling to the notion that the poor are people. That makes a difference.

I'll save for another day my ongoing irritation with the continual philosophical stance of those on the Right toward the poor -- i.e., "You made your bed, now lie in it and stop bothering me." I've never understood the idea that every bed is a self-made one.


Erinna said...

I hope something is done about these businesses. Just take a look at where they set up shop--in the poorest, most run-down areas of any city. It's disgusting.

Know what else I don't understand? The idea that being on welfare is somehow fun or desirable.

Mark said...

I like your line "I've never understood the idea that every bed is self-made."

Even some in my family seem to have the attitude, "Just don't be poor any more." Just like their attitude about depression, confidence issues, etc. "Just don't be that way any more" is there answer.

Would that it were that easy.

Found you through Simian Farmer.

Mark said...

"Their" answer. Oops.