Monday, June 19, 2006

Save the tissue! Save the tissue! Save the tissue!

We have, in our home, a Vile Scourge against which The Wife and I have been largely ineffective. Luckily for us, we introduced to our home one Cat (well, one particular Cat), who has proved more than up to the challenge of ridding us of this Vile Scourge. And now, thanks to the unceasing vigil of the Cat, we can sleep safely again, secure in the knowledge that we are once again safe from....

....Toilet Paper.

Here's our Intrepid Feline, just after ripping the heart out of his natural enemy:

Cat versus TP

What would we do without him!

(Oh, and a Very Public Service Announcement: if you make a habit of keeping the bathroom door closed while out, in order to protect the TP supply from the Intrepid Feline, make sure that said Intrepid Feline is actually out of the bathroom before closing the door. Otherwise, the TP just doesn't have a prayer. Seriously. We're talking "hobbled cow dipped into the pirahna pool" territory here.)


Anonymous said...

God I love Lester!

Laura said...

I am only laughing because we have such a feline in our home.
I just made a costoc run and would gladly share with you neighbor.