Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Leo, were you born at the age of fifty?"

It seems that the Democratic Party has abandoned the slogan "Together America can do better" (which I lampooned here), in favor of "A New Direction for America". That's slightly better, but as Steven Den Beste points out (scroll down; it was a few days ago and SDB doesn't do the permalink thing), it can be heard as "A nude erection for America". Well, now.

I was wondering if anyone at the Democratic National Comittee had realized the phonic problem inherent in their new slogan, so I gave them a call. Sadly, I was not able to reach any of the four people I'd hoped could clarify this: I. P. Freleigh, Amanda Hugginkiss, Stu Pidass, or Heywood Jablome.

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Call me Paul said...

In Canada a few years ago there was a merger between the Reform Party of Canada, and the Conservative Party of Canada. Well, I call it a merger, they called it an 'alliance.' In fact, the first official name for the new, amalgamated political party was the Canadian Reform Alliance Party. That lasted less than a single day.