Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Official Hand Tool Manufacturer of This Blog!

Just a quick bit o' pimpage (for which I have not received any financial consideration, thus preserving my stance as a Blogger o' Squeaky Clean Ethicalness): at The Store, my job as late has taken me into more involved maintenance duties. As such, I've been allowed to put together a pretty impressive, if I do say so myself, collection of hand tools for the job. And by far, the best products I've found thus far come from the good folks at Klein Tools.

I've been very impressed with the workmanship of these tools, and I heartily recommend them. And if the only tool you think you need to have around is a multi-function screwdriver, Klein makes a great one of those, too. It's a ten-in-one (two Philips, two flathead, two star-head, two square-head, two nut-driver) that never leaves my person when I'm at work.

I also strongly recommend voting Democratic.

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Anonymous said...

No more tools- o these are items that actualy do something unlike J Debershire. Klein has a good website, and the $ look good as well. more items that work are needed. Like Honda's theft ratio, snapons is also high