Monday, June 12, 2006

Sentential Links #52

[Jack Bauer]

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[/Jack Bauer]

:: Focusing on ethnic cleansing of/by Indian tribes or the sad manipulation of Indian tribes in our quest for manifest destiny is neither a presuasive nor logical argument as to why the Senecas have a right to slot machines.

:: But there are other lessons. And today’s lesson was that some grown-ups are not good sports.

:: I swear, I don't think there's any other place in the world where a work crew going around filling small potholes with asphalt consists of twelve men in four trucks. (I haven't seen it that bad here, I must admit -- although we've got our own little road crew niceties. For instance: suppose some work is being done on a single bridge on an Interstate highway. One bridge only. We're talking maybe a couple hundred feet worth of roadwork. An area of about two miles on either side of the bridge will be designated a "work area", which means that the speeding tickets incurred therein are an even nicer chunk of change for the state.)

(Note to self: play with the Road Sign Generator mentioned in the above link sometime.)

:: Why is no one asking the right wingers the hard questions, like "Why do you want to damage my family?" Shove that at Bill Frist, loudly and publicly and often. I'd love to hear his answer.

:: What happens, as near as I can tell, is that through some combination of intentional partisan framing by political operatives and the press corps' pre-existing feelings toward a candidate, a narrative is born. (And many are still succumbing to that narrative, aren't they? The overwhelming reaction I hear from people regarding the prospect of Al Gore running in 2008 is, "Oh, God, not him again!", as if we'd be seeing the second coming of Michael Dukakis, as opposed to a guy who, in his last candidacy, was such a horrible candidate that he merely inspired more people to vote for him than the other guy and only lost through the combination of some shenanigans and our stupid-assed Electoral College system.)

:: This is one of the reasons why I'm optimistic about classical music -- it is doing much better on the Internet than in the record shops and in the concert halls.

:: I’ve never been a quiet person when experiencing joy or any other emotion. In fact you could truly say restraint and humility have never been my strong suits. When something wonderful happens either to me or for me, my YES! rings from the rafters [and my beloved is wreathed in smiles].

:: That is one of the wierd things about doing business. The mechanics of doing it well are interchangeable regardless of the product. You can be selling crack cocaine, or drawing pins, you still have to look after your customers and make sure you run a tight and efficient operation.

:: I think this is a winning theme for the 2006 midterm elections.

:: F*** the World Cup. (Hallelujah!)

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Anonymous said...

I found your incoming link on my blog functional blog at I also have an abandoned blog at blogger and this idiot textbox is trying to make me identify myself with my abandoned blogger username and password.

Hhmmm there's something oh sooo very wrong about idiotic right wing "in the box" thinkers, idiots marking ballots in boxes and boxes of idiot ballots isn't there? They have diebold influence over the dull of wit chads and chumps who are inclined towards the wrong side and towards buying into to the "horrible" candidate narrative.

These hanging chads and chumps insure the right can continue to be wrong - all the way to the battleground and to the banks. Consume, exploit, destroy it's all the same old battlesong.

Well, there's no box that can contain me or thee, now is there jacquandar?

timethief aka coyote (who will be clicking the anonymous option on the idiot textbox when submitting this comment)

Feel free to drop in to my wordpress blog and add your idiots to my "howl list" at any time.

oww oww OWWOOOOoooo

Call me Paul said...

Two weeks in a row! Dude, thanks for the pimpage.

Anonymous said...

Play with more sign/image makers on ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I timethief aka coyote ain't no dude. I'm a hippy chick, according to my beloved and according to Grays's anatomy textbook I'm a "she". Love, Peace & Justice, Dude.:D

Anonymous said...

Woot! Got a mention - and for an impassioned rant no less!

Call me Paul said...

timethief aka coyote,
I was talkin' to Jaq.