Monday, June 19, 2006

Sentential Links #53

[Annoying passive voice]

The drill is known by you:

[/Annoying passive voice]

:: Maybe we are approaching...something. But I can't see how we're going to get there. All I see ahead is conflict - some violent but mostly just loud, stressful, annoying conflict. On and on...forever.

:: Thinking about her tonight, it occured to me that Diane Chambers, wherever she is, working on the 15th draft of her unpublishable novel, must have a blog by now. She has the perfect temperament for a blogger. She's a know-it-all, an intellectual show off, opinionated, judgmental, endlessly self-referential, and a wee bit, um, self-absorbed? (Odd. I have a blog, and I'm none of those things. [blinks] What?)

:: In gaining what I most deeply needed, I have lost so very much.

:: Simple words, a demanding life.

:: The thrill of being on the brink of discovery is second only to being madly in love.

OK, now comes the distasteful part. The following Sentential Links all deal, in some way, with the odious and vile Ann Coulter.

:: Now look: I've been telling you all about how you, with negligible effort, can find buckets of evidence for evolution. I haven't actually recited any of that evidence yet, and that's because I and many other biologists have been telling everyone about that evidence for years: there comes a point where you have to recognize that the other side has simply put their hands over their ears and are shouting "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA" at the top of their lungs.

:: Millions of people buy and read Ann Coulter's books and the national media repeatedly give her a platform. They represent the views of millions of Bush followers. To believe that they will just quietly fade away if they are ignored is pure wishful thinking, dangerous fantasy.

:: Coulter to "liberal": You should be killed, traitor.
"Liberal": F_ck you.
Malkin: See? The luny left moonbats are unhinged.
(Same blog as the preceding, but a different author.)

:: The Right’s best counter to the obvious and indisputable evidence that the conservative movement is rife with unhinged, hatemongering lunatics is to reinforce the fallacy that both sides are just as bad. This is patently false. And we need to start calling it for the bullshit it is every single time we hear it.

:: This self-obsessed woman seems genuinely unaware that there was a flesh-and-blood human toll taken on 9/11, people to whom it really happened, and vicarious watchers like Ann Coulter, whose experience of it came from watching it on TV, act as if it happened to them too.

There is no person in American public life whom I loathe more than Ann Coulter. Not one.

Oh well. More next week.


Anonymous said...

You think you loathe well, I invite you to read the true story I just shared on my blog today, while I still weep and before I change my mind and dlete it. Its title is "Running Away From Jesus Freaks" and it's at

... moonhowlcoyote

Anonymous said...

The best argument vs. Ann Coulter and her followers is to publicize this quiz:

Who could defend her words afterward?