Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thank God the pan does a dozen of 'em....

I've just spent over three hours baking cupcakes for The Daughter. She gets to take them into her school tomorrow to celebrate her birthday (she'll be seven!), but she wants to take both chocolate and vanilla ones since some kids don't dig chocolate, and she wants to take enough to not only distribute to her class but also to her teacher this year, her teacher last year, her principal, her gym teacher, her bus driver, her music teacher, and who knows, maybe even the custodian.

So I dug out recipes for devil's food cake and for plain white cake, whipped up a batch of each batter, and then doled them into the cupcake wrappers for baking. However, we only own one cupcake/muffin pan, and it only has a dozen "spots". And each batch of batter turns out to yield 24 cupcakes. Plus it takes half an hour to bake them. Factor in the cleaning of the mixing bowls and measuring utensils before and after each batch, plus the general slow-down in the procedure because The Daughter wanted to help (thus turning the whole job into a lesson in Baking 101), and we're over three hours in doing this job.

Oh, yeah, it's a very hot day and I've been running a 350-degree oven for three hours. Thank God for the central air.

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