Thursday, June 08, 2006


Maybe this will mark me as one of them unpatriotic leftie types, but I found the news of Zarqawi's death in an air raid this morning to roughly analogous to the Bills beating the Dolphins in the middle of a 7-9 season. Yes, it's welcome news; but no, it doesn't feel like any kind of major turning point.

I have a feeling this will be just another blip of good news in the middle of a long and pointless slog through a violent war on an idea that no one can really tell what it is anyway. We could have killed this guy years ago, but didn't; and you name the "turning point" in the last three years, and without exception each has turned out to not be any kind of turning point at all. "Mission accomplished", and the war goes on. Saddam is captured, and the war goes on. Every single purported discovery of WMDs turns out to be false, and the war goes on. Elections are held, constitutions are "ratified", major terrorist figures are killed -- and this bloody lunacy of a botched war goes on.

Will Zarqawi's death even prove to be a major disruption in Al Qaeda? Who knows? I'd bet not. A very evil man died this morning -- but since we're in the course of a disaster of a war that, if nothing else, is almost certain to catalyze the birth of a whole new generation of Zarqawi's, I find it hard to get all that gleeful about it.


Anonymous said...

As you know, I disagree with you about the war as a whole but I think killing Zarqawi was like killing one cockroach. There are still a lot more cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Jaq, you've pretty much summed up my feelings too. The guy had it coming, but it's hard to stomach the Smirking Chimp and Crony Tony getting any kind of political capital out of it.

Anonymous said...

I can't mourn his passing, but I find the gleeful celebrations distasteful, especially since several other people died in the bombing, including a little girl.