Thursday, December 29, 2005

Best of 2005

What follows is basically a bunch of links to posts from 2005 that I particularly liked. I realize that picking my own best posts is kind of like the fact that Dexy's Midnight Runners actually had a Greatest Hits album, but for newer readers, this may constitute a good way of seeing what's gone before. (I also recommend the posts linked under "Notable Dispatches" in the sidebar; those are the posts of mine that I like the most. I won't be linking any of those in this post. And if anyone's interested, my Best of 2004 can be found here.)

Onward, grouping the links by the month in which they appeared, starting with January:

The Writer's Tool Kit
Heavy Metal and the Dudes Who Write About It

His Final Gift (fiction)
Search Engine Follies
I Heart Audrey Hepburn
Ten Things I've Done
Clapping between the movements: bring it on!
Thoughts on Pizza
Karl Popper Hearts Evolution
The Niagara Frontier: A panorama

The Year's Best Sports Photo
I Heart George Lucas
I Heart George Lucas, and prove it by taking a Star Wars poll
Wonder Woman (the greatest comic book images ever)
Torture: why are we even debating this?!
A Blog Quiz
I Heart George Lucas, and prove it by buying a long-coveted toy
Lying about my fellow bloggers

I Heart George Lucas, and prove it by speculating on a customer service phone call in a Galaxy far, far away....
I Heart Doing Blog Quizzes
I Heart Libraries and think that America Would Suck Without Them
Best Album Cover Ever

I Heart George Lucas, and I don't care who knows it!
Popular stuff that I just don't get
I Heart my Neti Pot
I still Heart Blog Quizzes (this one's about music)
How to Kill a Vampire
Sentential Links #1 (where it all began!)
I Heart George Lucas, yet again
I Heart George Lucas, and defend him from goofy right-wingers
I Heart George Lucas, and come up lacking for words after seeing his latest movie
I Heart George Lucas, and name my favorite visual moments from his movies
I Heart George Lucas, and find the words to say about his latest movie

I wanted to Heart Spanglish, but didn't
NFL Stadiums from space, part one
NFL Stadiums from space, part two
NFL Stadiums from space, part three
NFL Stadiums from space, part four
Sammy vs DLR
My favorite X-Files episodes (outside the mytharc)

I also heart Cameron Crowe
Overrated Songs
Warp speed, Mr. Doohan.
Notes on re-reading The Lions of Al-Rassam
Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I Heart Superhero Movies

Favorite action sequences in movies
My Geek Credentials
Go long, Hunter Kelly
Men with stupid opinions about women
Photos from the Fair
My quirks
Brahms's Symphony No. 1
The "Seven Things" Quiz

How to create a Google redirect (a useful tip for getting around referral-blocking)
Lifeboats (Katrina revisited)
Displaying a lack of intellectual curiosity
Katrina revisted, revisited
A quiz I came up with
Answers to the Quiz

Skiffy Movies

I still Heart George Lucas
Suicides rethought
All your hippies are belong to us!
The AOL Journals diaspora

The Brothers K, so far
The "War on Christmas"
Christmas Ornaments, one
Christmas Ornaments, two
Christmas Ornaments, three
Fifteen Things about Books
Fifteen Things about Writing
Fifteen Things about Music
Thoughts on the Canon

So there it is: 2005 on Byzantium's Shores. And there was a lot of other stuff, too, so feel free to surf the archives a bit.

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