Sunday, December 18, 2005

A finish'd tale

I had scheduled the posting of the Epilogue to The Promised King, Book One for two weeks ago today, but clearly, circumstances being what they were at the time, I pretty much totally forgot about it until just the other day. If anyone out there is just dying to know how the story turned out (well, the first half of it, anyway), here's the Epilogue.

As always, all previous chapters are available over there; just check the sidebar links and enjoy. The Promised King will lay fallow for a time, as Book Two isn't even done yet. I am planning to start attacking it in earnest after the Holidays are over, and my current hope is to start serializing Book Two sometime next summer. (Don't worry -- The Welcomer doesn't end with a cliffhanger; it merely leaves a lot of unresolved threads.)

Anyhow, when I'm ready to start posting Book Two, I'll announce it here, obviously.

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