Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brief Hits

Some quick linkage and thoughts and stuff:

:: Last night, it seemed that Blogger and BlogSpot had a bit of difficulty: for hours I couldn't load the blog, the SiteMeter read 0 visits during several consecutive hours, and not even status.blogger.com, which used to be maintained on a server that was separate from the rest of Blogger, wasn't even loading. Things eventually came back, but information on what happened didn't appear until late today. Here's the scoop. Maybe they should at least relocate status.blogger.com to a non-BlogSpot server.

:: But kudos to the Blogger folks for tweaking the BackLinks function, such that the default setting is now to allow BackLinks. This is cool.

:: Lynn Sislo prefers businesses that hate your children, and apparently she fell off the turnip truck a long time ago. For myself, I associate turnips with one thing: a beef and vegetable stew my father used to make that also included parsnips. Now that I think about it a bit, in the years in which I had cable and in which I watched at least one hour of Food Network a day, I never once saw the cooking of a turnip in progress. Who does eat these things?

:: I suspect that I'd disagree with what ACD says here, if I could figure out just what the hell it is that he's saying.

:: This half-hour "appendix" of sorts that has been appended to A Charlie Brown Christmas, rounding out the show to a whole hour, is just drivel. What a let down, going from the classic original show with its gentle humor and pitch-perfect writing to...this. Blleeeccchhhh.

:: I just can't wait until the next Sunday Burst of Weirdness to present this. I love photos like this.

:: Kevin Smith goes after the AICN TalkBack weirdos one last time, here.

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