Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I've seen this in several places (here and here, frex), so here's a little "Four things..." quiz:

Four jobs you've had in your life: Technical services assistant in a university library; pizza restaurant shift manager; pharmaceutical telesales; grocery store maintenance guy.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Star Wars (all six -- cheating a bit there); The Lord of the Rings (all of it -- still cheating); Casablanca; Dial M for Murder (I just bought in on DVD this very day! Joy!)

Four places you've lived: Buffalo, NY; Syracuse, NY; Portland, OR; LaCrosse, WI.

Four TV shows you love to watch: Of shows still airing, House; Scrubs; CSI; Nova. Of shows no longer airing, Once and Again; Seinfeld; Millennium; Star Trek: TOS.

Four places you've been on vacation: Pittsburgh, PA; Orlando, FL; Cape Cod, MA; Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Four websites you visit daily: Most of the websites I frequent daily now are blogs, but the non-blogs I visit daily are FSM, AICN, Bright Weavings, and Flickr.

Four of your favorite foods: Sausage; Chocolate; Ice Cream; Pizza.

Four places you'd rather be: I dunno -- I love it right here. For visits, I'd like to have a week in Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, and Great Britain.

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