Monday, December 26, 2005


On pretty much of a whim I took one of those blog-quiz things a few minutes ago, called "What are the keys to your heart?". I'm not going to post my results here, because they weren't encouraging, really -- this is the first Net quiz thingie that's ever pegged me as an adulterer-in-waiting, which bugs the living hell out of me, frankly. But I am mentioning the quiz because in my experience, I can usually pick out what the result's going to be based on my answers (and even on the choices given), but this particular quiz makes less than zero sense to me. The questions are literally all things like "God's gonna destroy the world, but you can save one animal species. Which one do you save?" I have no clue whatever how my answers map onto the quiz results. Is this some kind of "shamanism" thing?

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