Thursday, December 08, 2005

Heh! Indeed!

Steven Den Beste is always the first to admit that as a rule, he's just not funny. If you want a very long dissertation on something from an engineer's perspective, he's your guy, but bringing the funny just isn't his bag.

But this made me laugh. I'm going to quote the whole thing, because it's short and because SDB's current blog doesn't have any kind of permalinks. It's from yesterday, December 7:

PJ Media apparently is going to be having regular "blogjams", whatever the heck those are, featuring Michael Ledeen and Marc Cooper. For the moment they're calling it the "Michael and Marc Show", but Charles Johnson asks for "a colorful permanent name for this show".

How about M&M? No one is using it!

Once I got it, I laughed out loud. First time SDB's ever done that to me, and I've been reading the guy on two blogs for just about as long as I've been writing this one.

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