Thursday, December 08, 2005

And all a guy wants after clobberin' time is a beer!

The Indestructible Mr. Jones was pleasantly surprised by The Fantastic Four, a movie which I've avoided because it just doesn't look good to me, and because I never much got into the FF when I was an avid comics reader.

I'd be remiss if I didn't quote Mr. Jones, though, who appears to be on his bimonthly blogging binge right now:

Seriously, I get that The Thing isn't attractive (to a human -- for all I know he may be the cat's meow to a boulder), but I think it was a bit unnecessary to have him be immediately rejected by his wife (whom he adores, of course), twice, once when he first comes home and the second, after he's caused/saved dozens of lives.

Well, you have to admit -- she's probably thinking about how physically painful certain aspects of married life are about to be, right? I know that subject would certainly cross my brain....still, I get his point. The whole "Lonely superhero" thing is one of the staunchest clichees of the whole superhero gig. (Witness the end of the first Spiderman movie, frex.)

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