Sunday, February 27, 2005

Traffic -- I'd like some!

[Wherein I whine about not getting enough traffic. Boo hoo hoo....]

There's been a kerfuffle around Left Blogistan over the last week or so over traffic and blog linkage. (That's what's great about Blogistan in general: you can almost always find a kerfuffle. Nothing like a good kerfuffle to spice up life, I always say.)

Anyway, Kevin Drum got roasted for speculating that women don't blog as much as men for -- well, I couldn't really figure out why. And Atrios printed a caustic e-mail from someone who really, really wanted a link from him (which they got). All this is very interesting, I guess. I've thought for a while that Left Blogistan should do a bit more to promote its own internal voices, something that Right Blogistan seems to do quite a bit better.

Why do I say this? Well, Kevin Drum's blogroll has remained in its current state, so far as I can tell, basically since he started up. I can't tell if Atrios has added much for linkage to his blogroll, since he doesn't even bother to alphabetize the thing. Matthew Yglesias and Brad DeLong have now decided to link some blogs other than "the usual suspects" of Left Blogistan, apparently conceding that not enough linkage of smaller blogs goes on. We just had the awarding of the third annual Koufax awards, and I have to note that the winner of the "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" category, Suburban Guerilla, absolutely stomps all over my blog, in terms of traffic. (SG's daily average is about what my monthly average is. Ouch.) I'm not sure, here, what exactly is meant in terms of "wider recognition".

Yes, this is basically a "whining" post. So allow me one further whine: nearly nine months after he stopped posting to USS Clueless, Steven Den Beste still gets four times as many hits per day to his blog than I do. Harumph.

OK, I'm done.

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