Friday, February 18, 2005

Behold...FireFox! (Or is it Firefox? Or fireFox? or PhirePhox?)

I am now using Mozilla Firefox on a "trial" basis. So far I like it, but I have to play around a bit more. It was certainly a fast download and install, I'll grant: on my dialup connection, it took all of fifteen minutes from the time I clicked "Free Download" on the Mozilla site to the time I was launching Firefox for the first time. I haven't started dinking around with these "Extension" things yet.

I also note that my theory that Mozilla was the source of my problems with Blogger seems to be false. Blogger is just being buggy, and "they're on it". It would have been nice if they'd posted that message to a day or two ago -- heck, it would be nice if these kinds of status messages, pertaining as they do to the overall functionality of Blogger itself, were stuck prominently right on the Blogger Dashboard page so I wouldn't go to the trouble of writing a long post and then seeing it vanish (and then reappear again a few minutes later on, which is why I've had a problem with double-posts appearing here this week).

And of course, I will expect that using PfierPfocks will pack this blog with even more pentrating content. Look out, world!

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