Sunday, February 06, 2005

Image of the Week, and Burst of Weirdness

I'll probably be doing more linking to what I choose as my "Image of the Week" off-site, as opposed to always reproducing it here, because the last three months in a row I've come close to exceeding the bandwidth transfer allowed by my ISP. Not close enough to really sweat about it -- I've been getting a notice upon hitting 75 % of my allowed monthly transfer around the third or fourth day from the end of the month, so it hasn't become an issue yet -- but I'm going to dial down the image use around here slightly. (Although this does give me more incentive to put that Flickr account of mine into use, doesn't it?)

Additionally, I've had a couple of dry weeks as far as turning up suitable items for the Burst of Weirdness. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots, but my approach until now has been to "Let the weirdness come to me", a strategy which has never failed before. This is the Interweb, after all. So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone, and link this gallery of photos taken by a guy who shoots stuff to see what happens when he shoots stuff. The link is freely swiped from John Scalzi. Problem is, now I wanna shoot stuff.

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