Saturday, February 19, 2005

O for ten gallons of Aloe-vera....

I got a haircut today.

No, not a dramatic slashing of the locks; perish the thought! Just a little trimming of the ends to tame some splits and dead ends and whatnot, and some trimming of those goofy little tendrils of hair that after I go long enough without having them tamed stick out about two inches from behind my ears, which are highly annoying (as well as looking pretty stupid).

I also had the back of my neck trimmed. That's always my least favorite part of the process, because until tomorrow the back of my neck will be alternating between two sensations: "Unimaginably Itchy" and "On Freaking Fire".

(I think I may have to rethink my idea that using Firefox as my new browser would lead to more insightful content around these parts....)

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