Sunday, February 13, 2005

So long, Drew

Apparently Drew Bledsoe's days as a Buffalo Bill are numbered. Ditching him is probably the right thing to do at this point, since Bledsoe, while not a great starting QB anymore, is still probably too good to sit on the bench behind a brand-new QB seeing his first real NFL action. I'd hoped that the Bills could make a trade, as opposed to the more likely scenario of releasing him outright, but so be it. I do wish Bledsoe the best of luck wherever he ends up. He showed a lot of "stiff upper lip" type stuff during his tenure here, which was admittedly disappointing. I still think the guy has the physical tools to be productive, but I also think that his biggest impediments are on the mental side of the game, which is too bad. Drew Bledsoe is a good guy, and he deserves better than to have the reputation of an immobile statue of a quarterback.

Which brings on J.P. Losman, who is the Bills' third "quarterback of the future" since Jim Kelly's retirement in 1996. (Todd Collins and Rob Johnson were the first.) No doubt the Bills will sign an experienced hand to back up Losman, but I expect that it's Losman's show now. Good luck to him.

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