Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fixing the barn door, after the horse has come home

Buffalo's NBC affiliate, WGRZ, did a bunch of investigative-type stuff into wasteful spending in the Erie County government, mostly pertaining to patronage jobs to "friends and family" of County Executive Joel Giambra (who recently had an old buddy on the payroll as his personal driver, making over $80,000 a year before the outcry made Giambra reassign his buddy to the Parks Department, where he's now scraping by on $73,000 a year). It was pretty disgusting an eye-opening.

But also disgusting was the little "mutual admiration society" that surrounded this bit of reportage, with nearly every on-air personality at Channel 2 congratulating the reporters for their dogged pursuit of this story. Not only do I find it incredibly annoying when TV news people tell us how great their news is ("You heard it here first!" could almost be Buffalo's official motto), but I also remember that nary a peep of this kind of thing was heard back in fall of 2003, when Joel Giambra was running for re-election.

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