Saturday, February 19, 2005


I must report that so far I like the Firefox browser quite a bit. This thing seems to have taken all the things I really dug about Mozilla and, well, refined them and made them better. I really like the separate "search" tool, up in the toolbar. (For you Mozilla users, you know how you can use the URL Address window as a way to send search terms to Google? Well, Firefox has an entirely separate text window for that purpose, next to the URL Address window, and what's more, it comes with several engines installed, which means that you can search not only Google but Amazon, eBay, and others without going to those respective pages. And you can even add engines to the thing!)

One other Mozilla problem I was having is that the program didn't appear to be storing graphics for wab pages locally, so every time I visited my own blog, the entire thing had to reload. That's not just when loading the blog after launching the browser, but also whenever I returned to the blog after navigating to another one. I'm suspecting that this might have cause my recent brushes with Monthly Data Transfer Bandwidth Limit Doom.

And I still haven't dug into any extensions, although I plan to do so this week. Firefox is one slick item.

(For those curious, I didn't get the Thunderbird e-mail program, because I'm perfectly happy with Earthlink's and AOL's e-mail clients for now.)

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