Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lazy Linkage

Just some stuff today:

:: The Buffalo News has been running a series on Scientology (which, by the way, really creeps me out). I'm being too lazy to link all four articles, but Julia has them.

:: I don't really have much interest in French cooking, but this site is interesting, and its design is just terrific. Seriously, that's a great looking web site.

:: Via Lynn Sislo, a nifty-looking site devoted to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

:: Craig at BUFFALOg is concerned that apparently high-schoolers right now think that freedom of the press should be curtailed. Oy. These are the next generation of American voters, folks.

:: ACD doesn't get the appeal of Star Wars. I mean, he really doesn't get the appeal of Star Wars. He asks for an explanation, but I don't think he'd come anywhere near buying my own personal explanation, since I reject most of his premises (that the movies are dumb, the acting terrible, and the special effects laughable, for starters). Anyhow, links to a few of my ruminations on Star Wars are available in the sidebar.

:: I've seen this interview with a comments-spammer linked a number of times. Since I use YACCS commenting, I never get comments-spam, which I suspect is because YACCS comment pages are not archived by Google (or whatever the term may be). So there's nothing to be gained from comments-spamming blogs like mine. Which makes me wonder why more non-search engine indexed blog commenting systems aren't coming on line; I suspect that they'd have newfound popularity given the increasing annoyance of comments-spam.

OK, enough for today. Gotta watch the State of the Union last night's Scrubs.

(I've updated this post a couple of times.)

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