Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's about...layers. Lots of layers.

[Navel-gazing about clothes here]

Over the last few months I've come to like the "layered" look, in terms of clothing. I've never been much into layers before, beyond the occasional mock turtleneck (I've never tried a real turtleneck) under a sweater, but now I find myself doing the "long-sleeve t-shirt under a short-sleeve henley" thing, or some such variant. Part of this stems from work, where I've pretty much been layering ever since I got hired at The Store. I've always been one to generate a bit of sweat -- not quite to the levels of a Norm Peterson from Cheers, of whom Carla once said, "We could grow rice!", but I do start to get uncomfortably warm at temperatures most other people consider pleasantly temperate, so I started layering to keep my work-provided shirts with The Store's logo from getting a bit too, shall we say, aromatic. But now I see that the layered look is pretty "in", and I like the look, so I've adopted it.

The only thing really interesting to me about this development is the fact that to this day, I still tend to adopt those fashion statements that are achievable with clothes I already own. If I have to go out and spend money to upgrade my wardrobe in order to keep up with a fashion trend, my general response is still to ignore the trend.

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