Friday, November 07, 2003

Worst List Ever!

As long as I'm catching up on all things Mickey, he directs my attention to a BBC list of the worst films ever. I confess that I find it curiously refreshing to see such a list that does not include either The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones -- maybe the tide is turning on those two films! -- but still, I just don't get the continual backlash against Titanic.

The film's overall story arc is masterfully done; I love the way the mechanics of the sinking are explained right at the beginning of the movie, so that when we get to that point in the flashback, two hours later, we know exactly what's happening the whole way. The effects are wonderful, the pacing is good, and really, the love story isn't that bad -- unoriginal and clunky at times, yes, but it's not bad. Plus, given that Titanic is the most wildly successful film ever, doesn't its placement on a list like this imply that the masses who propelled it to that status (and let's not pretend it attained that status solely on the backs of preteen girls in need of a Leonardo DiCaprio fix) are a bunch of dolts?

I don't have any comment on the other films on the list, the ones of which I have seen I readily admit really are bad. I do note, however, that to this day I find Highlander actually worse than its sequel, merely because I saw the first one expecting a good movie, a state of affairs that did not exist when I saw the second one.

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