Friday, November 21, 2003

Friday Burst of Weirdness

OK, it's a two-fer this week, because I won't be around next Friday to offer up any weirdness.

This first one is something I just saw on TBOGG about an hour ago: a time-lapse Flash presentation of Michael Jackson's changing face through the years. As one might expect, it ain't pretty.

And the other bit is something I saw six days ago. I've waffled on whether or not to post it, because it pretty much violates my own self-imposed "PG-13" rating here: this is straight "R" territory, if not slightly worse (maybe that "A" rating for which Roger Ebert is always pining). Anyhow, this is perhaps the strangest (and grossest) fetish I've ever seen. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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