Thursday, November 06, 2003

I love Canada!

Canada rules!

Why, you ask? Well, a bummer of late hereabouts is that since my family doesn't bother getting cable -- and we don't really miss it -- I can't watch The Daily Show, which is on Comedy Central. Oh well, we thought: the few things we would want to watch on cable, Jon Stewart's show being one of them, aren't enough to justify that expense.

BUT, living in Buffalo has as one of its perks the fact that we can receive a few Canadian broadcast stations. (We couldn't get these stations where we used to live in Buffalo, because our current apartment complex has wall-jacks that are connected to nice, big antennas somewhere, whereas in our previous Buffalo residence we used a set of rabbit-ear antennae.) And, one of those stations carries The Daily Show at midnight!

So, when I destroy the world, I may just spare Canada. Maybe. I'm undecided about Saskatchewan.

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