Friday, November 07, 2003

Friday's Burst of Weirdness

Wherein I present the strangest thing I've found online this week: Mustaches for Peace!

Yup, they're growing mustaches to make a statement for World Peace. OK then….it's one thing to put a ribbon on your lapel for a cause, but something like this strikes me as a tad disingenuous, as if all the people who already have mustaches are somehow co-opted into the cause. (I don't have a mustache.)

When I was in college, the school's "Gay and Lesbian" support club decided to have a "Wear Blue Jeans for Gay Rights Day", which completely flummoxed me: not only do I not even own any blue jeans, so I wouldn't have been able to participate, but blue jeans are pretty much the uniform for college students. Why make your symbolic article of clothing something that most folks are going to wear anyway? That's like coming to Buffalo on January 15 and having "Wear a Parka to Save the Whales Day".

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