Friday, November 07, 2003

The Life of an Iowan

Sean has decided to do something new: he's experimenting with autobiography in blog form, with a new blog called My Childhood In Iowa. Presumably the project will end when he gets to the momentous day that he met Yours Truly.

(Yeah, like he remembers that! I actually do remember meeting Sean, though, because he was one of the very first people I met in college outside of the little circle consisting of myself, my room-mate, and two guys across the hall. I'd have met a lot more people than that in the first days, but I missed out on all the "Freshman Orientation" stuff because of a summer job of mine. I was a counselor at a summer music camp that went so late that by the time I got to college for Freshman year, the Orientation business -- wherein the incoming Freshmen basically played a whole lot of "Get to know each other" games -- was pretty much over. If I recall correctly, I was supposed to get there on Wednesday before the first week of classes, but I actually arrived on Saturday evening. Not much of a loss, really; I've always had a tendency to clam up in situations that are specifically designed to force one to meet others. I prefer to get to know people in "real life", when they're far less likely to be "faking it".

Anyhoo, my chief memory of Sean is of him sitting in these incredibly-early morning philosophy classes as he issued sage proclamations whilst munching a bagel he'd snarfed from the Caf during our five-minute break halfway through class. My own proclamations were considerably less sage, which I attribute to my then-inability to function before 10:00 a.m. And with that, this post has crossed the line from "interesting anecdote" into "dull filler".)

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