Sunday, November 16, 2003

Of Traffic and Hiatuses

I'm hoping that November is proving to be a slow month, if terms of traffic, for everyone else in Blogistan, because if it's not, then I have a serious problem with my content. I have witnessed a substantial drop in traffic here lately, with the big drop coinciding with Sheila's decision to close down StarLines, although I'm hoping that's not actually a factor. (Not that I'm hoping that my content has suddenly dropped in quality instead!) I suppose that a drop was due after two months of substantial increases in September and October, but still, it's a bit of a bummer.

Anyway, seeing as how traffic has already dropped off quite a bit, I've decided that it won't be much of a big deal if I take a bit of time off. I will go on hiatus starting this coming Saturday (November 22) and I will return Sunday, November 30. So, this Friday's update will be the last for nine days. I suspect that traffic would drop anyway during Thanksgiving week, and I could use a bit of time to recharge and work exclusively on the damn book novel-in-progress.

As with my last posting holiday, I will still be reading my usual blogs and answering e-mails and all that - - it's not like I'm taking an expedition to see the caribou in their natural habitat in the Yukon or something. Also, as with last time, I'm not swearing off posting to Collaboratory.

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