Tuesday, November 18, 2003

First in Space, now First in the Environment....

Via Nathan Newman I see that China is on the verge of implementing fuel economy standards that are tougher than those of the United States. According to the article, all new SUVs and minivans in China will be required to meet the same fuel efficiency standards as automatic-shift cars of the same weight. Wow. (Pickup trucks and commercial trucks are excluded, but apparently pickup trucks are not popular in China except for use by businesses.)

Another interesting factoid that I did not know was that American fuel efficiency standards are based on the averages for entire fleets, whereas the Chinese standards will apply to each vehicle. That is why American manufacturers can sell vehicles with abysmal mileage, as long as they have some other vehicle like a Geo Metro in the product line that brings the total average up. That won't be possible under the Chinese rules.


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