Friday, November 07, 2003

Over One Thousand Served!

A short while ago, some intrepid person named "Joy" left the one-thousandth comment on this blog. For this high honor, Joy receives...well, nothing. I just thought it was cool. (No, I'm not the one counting. The YACCS control panel has a counter on it.)

The lucky comment was an addition to -- what else? -- the "Luddite" thread, occasioned by this post, and can be read directly here. Incidentally, that comment thread is without question the most substantive comment thread ever achieved here; usually when my comment threads go beyond six or seven comments, it's because Nefarious Neddie and I have fallen headlong into banter.

BTW, Sheila, I now count two people who (a) disagreed with your position, but (b) were sufficiently impressed with you that they plan to buy your books! How cool is that?

(Oh, and I'm sure that Darth Swank will be thrilled to know that he would have left the one-thousandth comment, as opposed to the 1001st, had he been just a bit quicker on the draw. Better luck next time!)

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