Thursday, November 20, 2003


The Eternal Flame burning above the grave of President John F. Kennedy, Arlington National Cemetery.

Unless you live in a cave (or, say, North Dakota), you surely know that this Saturday marks the fortieth anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination. I've looked around the Net for some cool stuff to post about it, and there is a lot of good stuff out there. The best things I've seen are:

This virtual tour of Dealey Plaza;

This live cam from the Sniper's Nest, from where Oswald fired on the President;

The official site of the Sixth Floor Museum, which is an amazing place. I was fortunate enough to visit the museum some years ago, as part of a "JFK assassination bus tour" when my wife and I had a business trip in Dallas. I also saw the house where Oswald's infamous "backyard photos" were taken (the famous shot of him posing with his rifle), the theater where he was captured, and I made a point of standing where Zapruder stood. I have no informed opinion as to whether or not the assassination was a conspiracy, but I will note that Oliver Stone's JFK is one of my favorite films.

Oh, and Scott of Archipelapogo actually works in that building. It's an interesting and small world.

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