Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Last night's Monday Night Football game had the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Green Bay Packers at Wisconsin's historic Lambeau Field. Now, anyone familiar with the upper Midwest knows that the "brat", or bratwurst, is one of the major food groups. These wonderful sausages are grilled and then consumed in a roll, preferably with brown mustard. A lot of folks like to further supplement them with sauerkraut, which is -- well, it's not my favorite thing. I love meat that's been cooked in sauerkraut, but the 'kraut itself is not my cup of tea.

Well, apparently the concessions folks at Lambeau field go through a lot of bratwurst, which in turn means that they go through a lot of sauerkraut -- so much so, that at one point ABC's telecast cut to a shot of two guys standing in what appeared to be a giant vat, wearing hip-waders and using pitchforks to transfer what looked like a ton (literally) of sauerkraut from a tractor-pulled wagon into the vat. I can only imagine what that smelled like.

UPDATE: Apparently, what they were showing wasn't some "Sauerkraut Loading Dock" at Lambeau Field, but a factory where the stuff is made. Leave it to a Vikings fan to set me straight about something in Packer-land!

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