Friday, November 21, 2003

Wes? or Howard? Decisions, decisions....

I'm trying to avoid getting overly excited about any particular Democratic presidential candidate, because quite frankly I'll be voting for whoever the Democrats nominate (unless they somehow manage to nominate, say, Michael Moore, a guy whose style could turn me off JRR Tolkien if he started extolling Lord of the Rings). But I have to note that I found General Clark fairly impressive on Letterman last night.

And now, here comes my last dose of political anger before I go on hiatus (so if such stuff annoys you, just skip this post):

Matthew Yglesias points out that Lileks takes a breather today from navel-gazing and rambling on about Gnat to get all mad at an Iraqi blogger who is insufficiently grateful to the country that put the Saddam regime in power, did nothing when Saddam got really bad, and then finally invaded to depose the guy but did not (a) finish the job yet or (b) show any sign that they plan to fill the void with anything better. Well, whether or not that particular take is appropriate, I'm getting really tired of the ideas that the only way to demonstrate one's "stones" is to pick up a gun, and the one that anger at the current President of the United States is equivalent to anger at the whole United States, or the soldiers, or whatever.

OK, that's that. Back to babbling about the usual stuff.

UPDATE: Dan Drezner has some comments on the Lileks piece. He's even more of the view that Lileks is full of bird poop than I am. Note to self: read Drezner's blog for a while.

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