Thursday, November 13, 2003

For 2004, I nominate Gray Davis!

I'm not sure how I missed this, or forgot to note it here, or what. But there is such a thing now as the Robot Hall of Fame, and one of the inaugural members is none other than everybody's favorite garbage-can shaped Swiss-army-knife from a galaxy far, far away, R2-D2!

The Robot Hall of Fame seeks to enshrine both robots from science fiction and robots from real life, which is pretty cool. I do quibble a bit with their induction of the HAL-9000, whom I've always thought of more as a computer than a robot. But I'm not on the selection committee, so my opinion matters for naught.

Anyway, here's hoping for the future enshrinement of such wonderful robots as Robbie, the Iron Giant, and the Terminator(s). I'm not sure if C-3PO warrants induction on their criteria, but I'm pretty much convinced he should be there. He did, after all, manage to sway the Ewoks to the Rebels' side, thus allowing them to take out the shield generator and basically win the whole thing. Or something like that.

I suspect, though, that the whole "Robot Hall of Fame" exercise should be shut down if they ever come round to inducting this robot.

(Link via Aaron.)

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