Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Cam we skip the eighth?

I wonder if Cubs manager Dusty Baker is having flashbacks to last year's World Series, after the Cubs' spectacular failure to nail down the pennant last night. Consider: in both the 2002 WS and this year's NLCS, Baker's team (the Giants and the Cubs) entered Game Six with a three-games-to-two lead, only needing one more win to take the series. In both Game Sixes, Baker's team took a lead into the eighth inning. And in both Game Sixes, Baker's team coughed up the lead and lost the game, allowing a decisive Game Seven.

Tonight we'll find out if the scenario holds, because last year Baker's team ended up losing Game Seven. So, we could end up with a situation in which Baker's team is six outs away from winning the series...and ends up losing.

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