Monday, October 27, 2003

The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!

OK, I've pretty much given up on the Bills' offensive coaching staff now. I'm writing this during the third quarter, when the Bills are down 28-5. Even if they come back and win it, I'm giving up. These guys - - including Gregg Williams - - have no idea what they're doing. Williams and Gilbride need to go, as soon as this season is over. I've heard all the stuff about how Drew Bledsoe can't win the big ones, and yeah, he sure looked awful last night -- three interceptions, two fumbles, one lost, yada yada yada -- but the game plan never seems designed to fit his strengths, the team is always undisciplined, et cetera and so on. When these guys are making the same mistakes in Week Eight that they made early in the season, that's the coaching. For me it boils down to this: Would this same group of players have a 4-4 record, with two of those losses being blowouts, if Bill Parcells or Jon Gruden or Tony Dungy or Jeff Fisher were coaching?

What also gets me now is the way a lot of the radio and print commentators here gripe about the Bills' defense for not being as good as it can be, but hell, when these guys are constantly on the field, what does anyone expect? This is a common complaint for Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan, who is constantly saying, "This is an elite defense?" Well, no, it's not an elite defense. They don't get enough pressure on the QB, their pass-coverage often has holes in it, et cetera...but it's a good defense that would really look better if they weren't in the position of having to pitch a shutout each week. To win with an offense this bad, your defense has to be not just good, not just great, but one of the best defenses of all time. The Bills just don't have it. That's all.

:: Note to ESPN: Joe Theismann is a blithering idiot. The guy is just one dumb comment after another. For instance, just after the second play of the game: "I really like the way Drew Bledsoe is managing his offensive line tonight!" Or this, when the Chiefs took the ball for the first time: "I'll bet Dick Vermiel has his offense throw a long bomb right here!" (They ran the ball off the right side for five or six yards.) "There's no way the Bills kick to Dante Hall in this situation!" (They kicked to Dante Hall.) When the Bills were down 28-5 with two minutes left in the third quarter: "Bledsoe can still bring this team back!" Sure he can, Joe. God, the guy is a nitwit, and he never shuts up. John Madden may be annoying, but he's not stupid. Theismann is.

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