Thursday, October 23, 2003

Digital Music

Andrew Cory, who has tried repeatedly to drink the Apple Kool-aid but evidently keeps picking up plain ice water, talks about the new iTunes for Windows thing. I have very little interest in downloading music, and I don't expect that to change until we reach a point when a significant amount of music I want is only available by download, which I suspect will be quite some time. For all the complaining about the price of CDs -- and I do think they need to come down in price -- they're still closer to being an egalitarian means of music distribution than downloading, which assumes a certain level of affluence. Plus, I just plain like having my music collection in a physical, tangible form. I have thought about ripping some of my CDs so I can listen to them while I'm at the computer, but that would be primarily a novelty, since the computer is in the same room as my stereo in the first place.

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