Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I'm not useless! Really!

Earlier this morning I was flipping past channels, heading for PBS so the kid could watch Sesame Street, when I just happened to catch about five seconds of Alan Colmes, the "liberal" who occupies the seat next to Sean Hannity on FOX News's "fair and balanced" show (in which Colmes always sits meekly by while Hannity foams at the mouth, shouts, interrupts, and generally behaves like Bill O'Reilly). Colmes's appearance this morning was on (I am not making this up) The 700 Club. I didn't watch any more than what I happened to see, so for all I know, Colmes got into a flaming debate with Pat Robertson and struck a blow for liberal decency and all that. (I doubt that.)

I did catch Colmes apparently defending himself against accusation that he serves no useful purpose on the show, by saying "I am not a potted plant!" That made me laugh. From what little I've seen of the Hannity and Colmes show (not much, admittedly), maybe Colmes is right: he's not a potted plant. He's that clump of dead root-bound soil that you discard from an old pot before refilling it for use with a new plant.

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