Sunday, October 19, 2003

A loogie spit from the roof will strike the sidewalk with what force?

The city of Taipei is now home to the world's tallest building. I've just cranked the numbers, and I'm sure everyone will be fascinated to discover that Taipei's new building is approximately 3.1512 times the height of One HSBC Center, the tallest building in Buffalo. Hmmmm....that's a little more than pi, isn't it?

(The Taipei building is way cooler looking than One HSBC Center, too. I mean, is the Buffalo building the most boring looking building you've ever seen, or what? Every time I drive by it, it just screams out at me, "This is where accountants come to play!")

The MSN article mentions the skittishness some people now have about very tall buildings post 9-11-01, but I still get a kick out of very tall structures. What interested me more was the fact that the big concern for the Taipei building is seismic activity, as opposed to terrorist activity.

And I should note that to me it seems a bit like cheating to build a tall building and then cap it with some kind of ornamental spire just to nab the "Tallest Building" honors. At least the Sears Tower in Chicago is offices all the way up. Harumph.

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