Tuesday, October 28, 2003

From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-zee....

Lynn Sislo has answers to a A-Z Quiz, which I figure I'll answer in an attempt to further my goal of content-free blogging.

A: Actor. Harrison Ford, I suppose. Although his recent work has been lacking, in my opinion.

B: Boyhood Idols. Yeah, that would definitely be Harrison Ford.

C: Chore You Hate. Cleaning cat boxes. Ugh.

D: Dad's Name. Harry.

E: Essential Video In Collection. The Star Wars films. All of them.

F: Favorite Actress. There are so many that I like…just dig through the archives for my "Move Over Britney!" series.

G: Gold or Silver. Silver.

H: Hometown. Pittsburgh by birth, Buffalo by emotional attachment.

I: Instruments Played. Trumpet well, piano not so well.

J: Job Title. Writer/Blogger/Unemployed Schlub.

K: Kids. One.

L: Living Arrangements. Two bedroom apartment in suburban complex.

M: Mom's Name. Theresa.

N: Number People Slept With. I'm not answering this one.

O: Overnight Hospital Stays. None. Wife's had two.

P: Phobia. Hmmm….I recoil fiercely if you even mimic pulling back a rubber band and aiming it at me.

Q: Quote You Like. "If it's not baroque, don't fix it!" (From Beauty and the Beast. More quotes in my sidebar.)

R: Religious Affiliation. None whatsoever. I'm pretty militant in my reluctance to endorse any religious doctrine at all, because I think nearly every religion has something true and transcendent to say about the human condition, and at the same time every religion has something idiotic and bogus to say about the human condition.

S: Siblings. One older sister.

T: Time You Wake Up. These days, sometime between 7:00 and 8:00. If I'm really exhausted, I might sleep until 9:00, and it's not uncommon for me to wake up at 6:00 and just get out of bed under the assumption that it's useless to try to sleep any more than that.

U: Unique Habit. I'm not sure exactly what this means - - unique as in, I'm the only one in the world who does it? Or that I'm the only one I know who does it? Anyway, aside from people online, I don't know any film music collectors personally.

V: Vegetable You Refuse To Eat. Broccoli. President Bush the Elder's revelation that he also detests broccoli nearly had me changing my political affiliation. Luckily for me, there was all that policy stuff that allowed me to remain a Democrat with good conscience.

W: Worst Habit. My sweet-tooth knows no bounds.

X: X-rays Taken. Once when I broke my collarbone in seventh grade, and routine ones during dental visits. (The first dental hygienist who attempted to do this with me discovered my incredibly powerful gag reflex when she made no attempt to describe what she was doing with that little piece of X-ray film they stick in your mouth and simply starting sticking her fingers in my mouth. Heh.)

Y: Yummy Food You Make. Pastitsio (a Greek forerunner of Lasagna). I even posted a recipe for it here a few months back; sometime I'll look for the link.

Z: Zodiac Sign. Given my strong belief that astrology is a lot of hooey and that people who believe in it are boobs, I probably shouldn't know my sign. Sadly, I do. It's Libra.

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