Thursday, October 30, 2003

Poor Donald....

I didn't learn about the whole Donald Luskin-taking-legal-action-against-Atrios thing until late last night, and I didn't feel much like posting about it then, so I'll just chime in with my predictable view here that Luskin is always dumb and a stalker, but now he's just plain insane.

Anyway, it's funny how those who continually beat Democrats over the head for having trial lawyers as one of their big constituencies don't seem all that hesitant when it comes to having their own trial lawyers sue people who insult them.

And by the way folks, how can Luskin have any kind of claim against Paul Krugman for the whole "stalker" thing if Charles Johnson apparently doesn't have a strong claim against IndyMedia for the whole "child molester" thing? Anyone?

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