Friday, October 17, 2003

It's a blitz!

According to Atrios, Gregg Easterbrook is in the process of issuing a standard non-apology apology (that's what you do when you inadvertently piss people off by saying what you really think, but yet you don't want to backtrack on what you really think). I used to be a fairly big fan of Easterbrook's, but I think he's losing it pretty quickly and soon he'll be like Donald Luskin but with a gift for words.

Anyway, here's an Esterbrook oddity I failed to note a few weeks back in his Tuesday Morning Quarterback football column. I won't provide direct quotes, but about halfway through Easterbrook (correctly) takes my beloved Bills to task for not running the ball in short yardage situations, especially on third down. And then, six grafs later, Easterbrook chides the Bills for handing off on two consecutive plays in a short-yardage, goal-to-go situation (because running back Travis Henry has a history of fumbling). So, failing to run the ball is bad. But so is running the ball. Well, I guess all the Bills need to do is get a kicker who can make field goals from any distance up to 120 yards, so they'll never have to either pass or run again.

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