Friday, October 17, 2003

Uh-oh....I think he's about to change subjects....

SDB revisits one of his favorite tricks, the old bait-and-switch blog entry, in which he talks at length about something and then jolts over to relating this seemingly innocuous topic to US foreign policy and war stuff. Here we have over 3,300 words that start out talking about sports and baseball and the immortal wisdom of Casey Stengel and Yogi Berra, and nearly two-thirds of the way through this missive we get to, you guessed it, the latest pain-in-the-ass thing done by the UN and France.

I'm getting better, though. Bait-and-switch blogging used to catch me by surprise, but I was able to detect the transition in SDB's post this time. It came with this graf:

"But there's a long distance between what's possible and what's practical. There's a long distance between what's possible (i.e. what's not impossible) and what is probable. In life we have to operate at the level of the practical and probable; pursuit of vanishingly small possibilities is one of the ways to virtually guarantee failure."

I didn't need to scroll any farther down than that before the "Danger, Will Robinson!" voice started screaming....

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